Upcoming events

    • 25 May 2019
    • 3:00 PM - 8:30 PM
    • Naval War College Museum Tour and Dinner

    Memorial Day Weekend Rendezvous

    Register and Fill Out Security Forms

    Deadline April 29th!!!!

    OSCA plans to visit the Naval War College on Saturday, May 25th  (Memorial Day weekend)
    Schedule for the day:

    ■  3 pm (1500). Rendezvous at the Naval War College Museum on Coasters Harbor Island in Newport, Rhode Island. Private tour of the museum with staff guide.

    ■  5 pm (1700). Stroll to the Newport Naval Officers’ Club for a (prepaid) BBQ supper (cash bar). Depart for home via car or walk to your boat in Coasters Harbor Island Marina.

    Big Caveat: The museum is on an active military base. You MUST download the attached Security Clearance Form (SECNAV 5512) for each attendee, fill it out, sign it, and send the signed form  (via scanned email or snail mail) to Vice Commodore Joe Jablonowski at appleton1@yahoo.com to arrive to him by April 29 in order to allow the DoD to make sure each person entering the base is not a terrorist. (The extra time is needed because your information will be sent to a Navy office in Virginia to be processed.)

    First things first: Attached are PDF versions of three-page government Base Access Pass Registration form SECNAV 5512.  Each person visiting the Naval Base MUST complete the form. A list of approved names will be at Gate 1 when you arrive (with a photo ID). Download the form, fill it out in black ink and sign it, then scan it and—by April 29—send it to Joe Jablonowski, who will submit it in a batch to the Navy. Also attached is a sample form, with yellow highlights, to help you fill out the data.

    The Tour

    The Museum (https://usnwc.edu/NWC-Museum) dates back to the 1884 purchase by the Navy of a Newport poorhouse located two miles north of downtown. Our tour will include exhibit on the Navy’s role in two World Wars plus a special perspective on Narragansett Bay’s history and geology.


    The Gearing Room at the Navy Officers’ Club is a short stroll from the museum at the south end of Coasters Harbor Island. The BBQ Ribs menu includes Tennessee ribs, chicken, hot dogs, baked beans, potato salad, cole slaw, cookies, and lemonade or iced tea. (Not including a cash bar.) Your payment of $35 will cover the meal, tips, and room rental. The Gearing Room has a maximum capacity of 50 people, so reserve early.


    Driving: We anticipate most OSCA members will arrive by car. Drive to Gate 1 (map is attached) and show a photo identification to the guard, who will check your name against the approved list of visitors for the day. Then proceed to the museum (small parking lot). You may park in the larger lot at the Officers’ Club.

    By Boat: Please coordinate with OSCA member Dick Erwin, (seaoh1@aol.com, retired Navy and a member of the marina). Slips are available on a per-foot charge, per harbormaster Mike Silva. Information at


    Contact “Navy Marina” on Channel 9. If you plan to stay overnight, you must fill out Section 28 of the Access Registration form SECNAV 5512 accordingly, noting an anticipated departure date different from the rest of the OSCA group.

    Special Notice: At this time it appears that in order to walk into and out of the marina without having identification as an active or retired military member, you will need a special pass. After you successfully complete the Access Registration form, this pass will be available for you to personally pick up at the base Pass Office, located just outside of Gate 1. The Pass Office is CLOSED on weekends, so you must pick up your pass during business hours in the week before May 25.


    SECNAV FORM 5512-NSNPT (Sponsor DeLucia (1) (1).pdf

    EXAMPLE SECNAV FORM 5512-NSNPT (1) (1).pdf

    1 Gate 1 Visitor Map (4).pdf

    • 20 Jul 2019
    • 28 Jul 2019
    • See description for more details

    2019 Summer Cruise

    OSCA's Summer Cruise is now planned.  See the details below.


    Jerry Edwards is this year's Fleet Captain. 

    The trip itinerary and summary spreadsheets are attached below.

    Please register on line for this year's cruise. Contact Jerry with any questions you might have about the cruise.

    Cell # 908-938-9020

    OSCA Summer 2019 v5.xlsm

    OSCA Summer Cruise 2019 v 3-23.pptx

    Cruise Itinerary

    Sat July 20 Point Judith Harbor of Refuge
    Sun. July 21 Mystic Seaport Marina Mystic Seaport Marina
    Mon. July 22 Mystic Seaport Marina
    Tues. July 23  Old Saybrook, Conn.
    Wed. July 24 Dering Harbor/Greenport
    Thur. July 25  Dering Harbor/Greenport
    Fri. July 26 Stonington"s Dodson Boatyard
    Sat. July 27 Point Judith Harbor of Refuge
    Sun. July 28 homeport

    It's now time to lock in our reservations.  For boats that are planning to join the fleet, please take the following actions:

    1. Register for the Summer Cruise on the OSCA Website so your friends can see that you are going
    2. Make reservations as follows:
      1. Mystic Seaport reservations can be made using Dockwa (note you are part of OSCA)
      2. Old Saybrook reservation can be made using Dockwa (note you are part of OSCA)
      3. Dering Harbor/Greenport accommodation choices:
        • Moorings at Jack's Marine should contact Jerry for him to provide Jack's a group list
        • Moorings and/or Slips at Piccozzi's Marina can be made beginning April1
        • Slips at Mitchell Park Marina reservations can be made using Dockwa
      4. Stonington reservations can be made at DodsonBoatyard.com (note you are part of OSCA with your boatname)
    3. Notify Jerry Edwards by email of decisions to ensure your plans are known and lists can be checked with the marinas


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