The Ocean State Catalina Association's charter was formed in 1984 as an All Catalina Association. The association is open to Catalina owners of all sizes and associate memberships are available to owners of sailboats from other manufacturers. The founders' vision of this association was, in order of priority, education and knowledge of sailing Catalina yachts, enjoyment of the social aspects of sailing, and establishment of a basic racing program. These three concepts make up the foundation of our by-laws and continue to guide us today.

Membership typically consists of owners whose sailing activities are primarily in the Narragansett Bay area.  Club officers and member volunteers plan and host rendezvous events every month during the sailing season in addition to the weeklong summer cruise.  Each year at the Haul-Out party, OSCA presents its Founders Award to recognize the member who, through his or her time, effort, and involvement, has promoted and improved the activities of OSCA.  The Cruising Award is presented to the boat that has traveled the longest distance on a single cruise.

In the years since 1984, it has been the Board's goal to provide services to our members above and beyond the value of our annual dues.  In 2000 OSCA joined the electronic age and began communicating with 90% of our members via e-mail.

Visit the membership page to see the many benefits of OSCA including a discounted subscription to the Catalina Magazine Mainsheet.

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