OSCA Officers

OSCA Flag Officers are nominated and elected to office at the annual meeting held in late September or early October. The board works diligently throughout  the off season to plan the docket of activities and during the season to make them happen.

Members interested in serving on the board should contact the OSCA Commodore.

The current OSCA Flag Officers are as follows.  You can click on their names to send them an email.



Jeff Chirnside

s/v Sudsea


Vice Commodore

  Susan Bershad     

s/v Stargazer


Rear Commodore

Steve Anthony

s/v Tianna

(401) 479-5204


Cruise Rear Admiral

Jerry Edwards

s/v Wicked Wrench  


Profile Photo (908)938-9020
Past Commodore

Barry Bershad
s/v Q
 (774) 266-0580

Anne Anthony

Kevin Rabbitt


(401) 487-6996

Bet Stickney


(860) 305-2462

OSCA Past Commodores

2019 -2023 Barry Bershad 
 2018 Paulette Cole 
 2017 John Greenwood 
 2016 Lee Rabbit 
 2015 Jeff Chirnside 
2014 Jill Clement
2012-2013 Jeff Chirnside
2011 John Impagliazzo
2010 Anne Anthony
2009 Ron Lewis
2008 Bill Hague
2007 Roland Gendreau
2006 Les Murray
2005 Steve Anthony
2004 John Hutchins
2003 David Rothfuss
2002 Jeff Mahall
2001 Edythe Stanich
2000 Richard Boldt
1998-9 Robert Stanich
1996-7 William Cote
1994-5 Jo-Ellen Ferreira
1992-3 Mike OConnell
1990-1 William Mullins
1988-9 Jack Ellis
1987 Al Calvaer
1986 Bill Sullivan
1985 Dave Kelsey
1984 Bill Sullivan


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