Founders' Award

The Founders' Appreciation award is presented annually to a person  and/or persons who through their time and effort and involvement have promoted and improved the activities of the Ocean State Catalina Association. Recipients of this award are as follows:

John and Kathy Impagliazzo
Bill and Kathy Hague
2010Ron Lewis
2009Roland  & Janet Gendreau
2008Jeff Bullock
2007Jim & Daisy Gilmore
2006David & Trudy Rothfuss
2004John Nesbitt
2003Jeff  & Susan Mahall
2002Steve & Anne Anthony
2001Dick & Stephanie Boldt
2000Bob & Edythe Stanich
1999Rick & Donna Cass
1998Dave & Toni Smith
1997Bill & Stella Cote
1996Mike OConnell
1995Bill & Gail Kilcline
1994Jerry Bulock
1993Ray Lague
1992Sid Sidlauskas
1991Bill & Pat Mullins
1990Herb Stolzberg
1989Claudette Piette & Jack Ellis
1988Luke Thorpe
1987Scott Barlow

 Cruising Award

The Cruising Award is given each year to the boat that travels the longest distance (total accumulated mileage)  on a single cruise.

Ron and Ann Nickles
2008Frank & Pattye Mackey
2007Frank & Pattye Mackey
2006Frank & Pattye Mackey
2005Gerry & Carol OConnell
2004Jeff & Susan Mahall
2003David Sherman
2002Dave & Janice  Roehr
Bill & Gail Kilcline
2001Dave smith
2000Bill Kilcline
1999Bill Kilcline
1998Dick Bowman
1997Bill  Kilcline
1996Rick Cass
1995Dave Smith
1994Stephen Silverman
1993Stephen Silverman
1992Dick Miller
1991Bill Kilcline
1990Bill Kilcline
Dick Miller

Ted Trudeau Memorial Day Regatta

While the popularity of racing activities within OSCA has seen peaks and valleys over the years, the showcaste event is the Ted Trudeau Memorial Day Regatta.   This race was named in 1996 to honor a dear friend and OSCA member and celebrate the spirit he brought to racing.  The winner of this event  not only takes one year ownership of the traveling trophy, but also retains bragging rights for the season.

Mark & Bev Zmuda
2010Les & Grace Murray
2008David Arnold
Denis Cournoyer
2007Bob & Luci Parent
2005David Roehr
Carl Hauquitz
2004Janice Roehr & Leslie
2003Dave Rothfus
John Hutchins
2002Richard & Jane Silver  
2001Richard & Jane Silver
2000Ed, Carol & Tim Lynch
1999Ed, Carol & Tim Lynch
1998Bill & Stella Cote
1997Steve & Kathy Cevoli
Jack & Sandy Leigh
1996Bill & Stella Cote